Part 1: The App Juggernaut’s app was launched in April 2016, its print list in about July/August the same year. Two years on where have we got to? In this two part series, we present our learnings for digital and for print. First up, the app. What’s a Million Downloads Worth? Earlier this year, we hit a major...

At Juggernaut, we take feedback quite seriously. We believe that customer feedback is the cornerstone of every product and as we work towards producing some of the most exciting and engaging content, we must build a product that supports readers. Since the day we launched in April 2016, we have attempted to bring two...

When we started and where we are now We’ve had a great year with the Juggernaut Writing Platform. We launched it in May this year and have seen a massive organic growth. Over 35000 stories were uploaded and 10 contracts have been given out. The platform has become our happy place to find new talent from all over the...

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