While we try to figure new things to do everyday, why not try indulging in a romantic story? Here is a list of romantic stories that will keep you feeling dreamy and filled with hope, for we can all do with some cheering up and love in these strange times. After all, a little bit of romance never hurt anyone! You can...

This is a stressful time for all of us and more so for our kids! With the schools being shut, no playgrounds to go to and no playdates, kids are finding it hard to stay indoors. We have opened our e-library for everyone free of charge. This list of inspiring fun books might help you find that perfect book for your kid...

It is common knowledge that our attention spans have suffered gravely with the amount of visual content we are all-consuming day in and out.  It has increasingly become difficult to stay still and read a book. But aren’t we all nostalgic for the summers spent with books on our laps, dreaming of characters so...

Indians fighting for Islamic State. Big questions about our economy. These are books you'll want to read over and over.

Letters from the Kargil war, and a shocking true story about a most outrageous idol thief, these are books you'll read over and over.

Juggernaut Books & ABP News are delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of a book based on ABP News’ popular TV show Bharatvarsh, hosted by Anupam Kher

A narrative about a lynching that shook the nation, being a Muslim parent in today's world, and a brilliant debut -- these are books you'll read over and over again

A compelling biography of Indira Gandhi, aliens in Delhi & a retelling of fables from the Koran -- these are books you will want to read over and over.

A new Suketu Mehta story, tales from the Ramayana, India's war in Bastar, an English translation of a banned Hindi novel and so much more.

A biography of Mayawati. A historical fiction about the Chola empire. Bollywood scandals. A photo-romance. These are the books you will want to read over and over.