These are the #BooksWeWant

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We come up with book ideas by the hour — there are so many stories that need to be told. So we decided to have some fun:

Our first #BooksWeWant was one on Arvind Kejriwal, and we left it to you to select the title:

Then we asked you what a book on entrepreneur Mahesh Murthy should be called:

We turned out a cover for the Kejriwal book you wanted:

 The Mahesh Murthy book cover would look something like this:

Then it was time to reach out to the stars:

The Sanjay Dutt cover is a perfect fit for the original Bhai:

A book on the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra would be just fantabulous!

And we have a winner:

A book on Zomato’s success story? Sounds wonderful! And the title has already been chosen:

We have a cover too!

We saved the best for the last:

It’s brilliant how Baba Ramdev has pictures in every pose possible:

Writers, you have your cue! These are the #BooksWeWant — so let’s get them!




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