Anuja Chandramouli’s Rani Padmavati: The Burning Queen has been well appreciated by readers for bringing life to the historical character of Rani Padmavati who stood up for her own rights and self-respect centuries ago. We bring to you some of the reader reviews which might entice you to read this book for yourself!

Maya Pillai‘s review on Amazon says,

“I could not put the book down. Read it in one go. I must say that Anuja has a done a wonderful job again in the historical genre. A well researched historical romance. The author has spoken about the the queen in such way that in a brief span she was married to the Rajput king, she was loved by the people of the kingdom for her courage, her financial planning ability to chart out a plan to help the downtrodden. She rises above the pettiness and jealousness of the other women of the king’s harem. Though she died young, her beauty and chastity has been immortalised. Thanks Anuja for this lovely book.”

One more feather in the author’s cap with this Amazon review by Hariny,

“It was a fast paced, fiery and a highly intense read! The embers of the story will take a really long time to satiate it’s thirst and fade within me… It was a very different one from your other books.. I loved it too much!!”

This is what a blogger had to say,

“I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions and the word play associated with her character. It makes Rani Padmavati come alive in those pages… While writing historical fiction, one of the biggest complaints I have always had as a reader is when the author fails to be able to recreate that era in those pages. And that is where author Anuja Chandramouli scores a brownie point. She successfully manages to recreate that era and transports the reader to those times.”

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Sahil Pradhan‘s review on Goodreads says,

“Just an amazing and imaginatively awesome book…. thanks to the author for sending me the book. It was just awesome. The story of Padmavati is just awesomely narrated and explained in the book. Just an awesome experience. The characters are just awesome and the plotting even is awesome. Strong women are common in history… but describing them perfectly is greatly possible by a woman as strong willed as them…. Just as Anuja mam. Hats off to the book and author.”

More applause for the book from this blogger,

“Beautifully written and wonderfully presented, this book is perfect for those who love learning about historical figures but not through a history textbook.”

A sneak peek of Vikas Dutta‘s review on Yahoo,

“On the whole, this book, one of three the author has out simultaneously, combines a tender love story with some incisive political and historical insight, especially why the Rajputs failed to counter or defeat the “invaders” (who had already been around for a century), and offers a peep into Khalji’s mind — especially what later generations would think of his Chittor campaign.”

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If you still haven’t read Rani Padmavati: The Burning Queen, you can read it here.


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