Nazia Erum’s Mothering A Muslim has been well appreciated by readers for bringing to the front the reality of the abuse and religious segregation children face in schools today. We bring to you some of the reader reviews which might compel you to read this book as well.

Bharti Chandini‘s review on Amazon says,

“A book highlighting the discrimination and bullying which exists in our world starting from a child’s nursery to general world, based on religion. The author succeeds in highlighting what is happening around us.”

One more feather in the author’s cap with this Amazon review by Meera Nair,

“The people featured in this book come from all walks of life. The schools mentioned are a good mix of popular and less-heard-of institutions. All of what’s said in this book is very saddening. What bothers me the most is the fact that children, who don’t even understand the basics of politics and power play, get treated harshly by others; and that too on the basis of what they hear in their homes. Bullying is a very sensitive topic and we don’t get into the details as much, but it’s evident from the children’s inability to grasp the reality of their situation. All in all, it’s not a pleasant picture. But it’s one that must be acknowledged for sure, so that we as a society can come together and remedy the evils that threaten to disintegrate us. I would definitely recommend this book to others so that they can get an understanding of one side of the story.What do you get out of it? – A disheartening glance at the complexities of having an Muslim identity in today’s world.”

This is what a blogger had to say,

“To some the book may come across as a one-sided monologue where the sentiments of non-Muslim mothers are not being taken into consideration. There’s always two sides of a story — ours and theirs. But shouldn’t we, as educated people, start saying a single story with a mutual voice? It’d be good to be just ‘humans’ and not labeled as anything else. Erum has tried to say just that through her book and it applies to everyone. A worthwhile read all things considered!”

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Tushar Mangl‘s review on Goodreads says,

“Nazia Erum in her debut book goes beyond the bullying lines to expose a much deeper malaise. Bullying or undermining people on the basis of their religion. And it is really a matter of concern that this is happening to kids at a very young age and in cosmopolitan cities and big schools. Also, how schools are seldom taking this problem head-on.”

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A sneak peek of a review on The Wire,

“Erum’s book must be read widely, as it has opened the doors for further conversations and analysis of the rise of Islamophobia that is now knocking on everyone’s doors.  It is a crucial and brave first step in the fight against bigotry and prejudice that has begun to plague India. Mothering a Muslim should signal the beginning of a new culture amongst communities – one of communication, solidarity and as always, hope.”

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If you still haven’t read Mothering A Muslim, you can read it here.


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