From Bihar to Tihar is the memoir of Kanhaiya Kumar which tells us about his story, from his childhood in rural Bihar to sudden stardom as India’s most famous student leader. Here are a collection of reviews which might compel you to read this book yourself!

Swarna Pawar’s review on Goodreads says,

“His writing depicts the actual problem in India. Generally we polish our egos by saying that India is a Holy Country. Countries aren’t holy, people who live in and nurture its freedom make it holy.”

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A Flipkart customer review says that the book is a must read,

“A very very very nice book to read. The struggles of a student from rural india to reach the elite institute in the capital city that too going through the odds of ideology mismatch with the so called students(goons) is very well depicted in the book. A must read.”

Another Flipkart review by Alimuddin terms the book as a terrific purchase,

“It is a very useful book with ground realities. A book which describes the problems and hurdles being faced by a financially poor student specially from rural area. Everyone must read this book. We may have the ideological differences with the author but can not deny the facts.”

An Amazon customer review says,

“A book full of insights and ironies from the perspective of the rural Indian youth,makes it a very interesting read. Must read for anyone who followed the controversy and didn’t get the complete picture. This an open book into the workings of BJP and politics in general.”

Amazon review by KM Ismail,

“A candid account of the troublesome journey of an aspiring & poor Indian rural student who as a progressive & rebelling student leader challenged the very institutional follies of Indian system and stood against all evils engulfing our society.”

Adwait Bhide, posted a review on Quora,

“It is one of the best books ever written in the history of Mankind. The intellect which Kanhaiya has displayed through his book is simply unmatchable. If followed like a Bible of Development (Vikas), Equality and Socialism this book has the potential to transform countries like South Sudan and Somalia.”

Here is a Flipkart review by Gia,

“Tough journey of a common boy… become somebody (youth icon) from nobody.. yet at the same time reveals the dirty indian politcs…’Black skin, white masks'”

Abrar posted a review on Juggernaut Books,

“A good insight into the life of Kanhaiya Kumar. This book is full of lessons for those who have limited means but unlimited dreams.”

A blogger review says,

“From day 1 of JNU events, Kanhaiya Kumar and his colleagues were awarded the tag of ‘anti-national’ and ‘terrorist’. On completing the book, I had a completely different picture of  the whole scenario of what was portrayed…Give it a read, because by the end of this book you will gain more information of the other side that you never knew.”

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K. Vijayakumaran posted a review on Amazon,

“Kanhaiya Kumar’s ‘From Bihar to Tihar’ is a good read. It is so lucidly written that you can easily breeze through it. The destiny of a poor village lad who came to become the idol of today’s young India is depicted wonderfully in the book.”

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If you still haven’t read the book, then you can read Kanhaiya Kumar’s From Bihar To Tihar here.


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