It has been an exhilarating year for the Juggernaut writing platform: launched in April 2017, the writing platform has just grown bigger each month, finding and collating new writing voices to showcase to the world of readers. This year, we discovered more than 25 new writers and organised close to 50 writing workshops and webinars, reaching more writers than ever before. Here’s a look back at some of our best moments from the writing platform in the year 2018:


When we kicked off the first Writer’s Cafe with Shiv Aroor, who taught us how his journalism experiences helped him write his book Operation Jinnah- and when so many writers discovered, that you don’t need to know anyone to get published!




When Mumbai learnt the art of writing narrative non-fiction and investigative storytelling, along with Avid Learning, with Raghu Karnad and Bachi Karkaria, the two maestros of the field!



When we learnt how one must write in the age of millenials, with Srishti Chaudhary (and learnt that nothing is more satisfying than telling millenials what to do)


When we had an awesome workshop with the Gurgaon Moms Book Club and Natasha Badhwar- and talked about ‘parenting a book’, for is your creative work not your baby?


When we read the awesome thriller, about an inspector having dinner with his wife, told suddenly that there’s been a little murder: 


You can read his story A Little Murder at Dinner here

When we organised a speed writing workshop, in which writers are matched with each other and have to give feedback to their partners, going home with valuable critical feedback on their writing: 


When we discovered the coolest story ever, The Speech: Two translators in North Korea, realise that they can help avert a nuclear war- simply through smart (mis)translation. 

Read it here:

When we launched the The Juggernaut Short Story Prize:

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When we learnt how to read like a writer with Janice Pariat: how the text tells you what has not only been included, but what has also been left out. When you realise that you can learn diction, articulation, sentence structure, and styling only by reading and reading more, but more especially, reading as a writer. 


When we had our first poetry writing workshop, and learn how the city is weaved into the poetry, and vica versa, with Akhil Katyal:


And our first Hindi writing workshop as well, discussing how little Hindi writing is promoted vis-a-vis English- another takeaway was how the language of sex in Hindi writing is either completely sanskritized or completely vulgar.


When we read another cool story: about how a man from overseas arrives in a tiny island town- to sell diseases. 


When we had an awesome laghu katha workshop with Manjit Thakur, at the Kiran nadar Museum of Arts, our new venue partner- short Hindi fiction was not just read out loud, but also written, with many waahs!


When we partnered with Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival to not just win a publishing contract, but also get invited to Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival as a part of the festival delegation to be awarded!


And when we released the shortlist of the Juggernaut Short Story prize!!! 


Thanks y’all, it has been a fantastic year, and we can’t wait to do all this and more again next year!!

            Happy 2019!!


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