Best foods for Acidity

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Acidity troubles all of us – with more carb heavy eating habits and lesser exercise being the norm, combined with intense work stress – we are more prone to acidity as a chronic condition than ever before! Here is Rujuta Diwekar to guide to to a better diet to battle it – 

  • Soaked Raisins

soaked raisins

Start your day with soaked raisins. There are two kinds of raisins, brown and black. There is a separate green-coloured raisin too. You need to use black raisins or kala munakka. Take a few of these, soak them overnight and eat them first thing in the morning after drinking a glass of water. You can even drink the water that the raisins were soaked in. 

  • Poha


Everyone knows that poha is a magic ingredient. Take a little poha, put it in a sieve, run water over this to soak it and let it rest for some time. Then put some curd into the poha, a pinch of rock salt and a pea-sized quantity of crushed green chilli. Stir this well. This is a good meal for 11 a.m. if your lunch is getting delayed or between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

  • Gulkand


If acidity still troubles you, the answer to the problem is gulkand, an age-old recipe of roasted and cooked rose petals along with sugar. Banaras and Rajasthan make the best gulkand. Take gulkand in a glass, put some water into it, mix it well and sip this mixture through the day. You can have gulkand water any time of the day. 

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