#BengalKaGunda: Sourav Ganguly

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Long before Rahul Dravid unleashed his inner #Gunda , Sourav Ganguly was scorching the pitch with his  devil may care attitude. Here are moments when Dada became a Gunda!


 1. The famous jersey swivel at Lords’

The victory at Lord’s is marked with this iconic moment when an overwhelmed Dada took off his shirt in celebration! That picture stillbrings a smile to our faces even today. 


 2. Retiring from International Test Cricket

After winning the best Asian Batsman award just weeks before , Ganguly was not included in the India Team list  . Shocked, he recalls calling Anil Kumble, who embarrassedly revealed that he had not been consulted . He could’ve wallowed in self pity and spent the remaining years reminiscing his former glory.  Instead  he chose to  go back to domestic test matches, participate in the JP Atrya Memorial Trophy Tournament and rise up again with a brilliant performance. When the Australian Test Series team was announced, he was back  in.

 3. When he disguised himself as a Sardar to attend Durga Puja in Kolkata

No Bengali can miss the Durga Puja and Visarjan in Kolkata. Sourav, even at the height of his  popularity, refused to give up on this tradition. Despite fears that he would be mobbed, he decided to dress up as ‘one of Harbhajan’s tribe’, as he called it. But, even though his wife called a makeup artist to help him, he was recognised!

The escapade was worth it. The immersion scene around the river is just indescribable. You have to see it to understand it. Durga Ma, after all, comes only once a year.’


 4. When he told off Russell Arnold 

Who can forget the aggressive one-on-one verbal battle that Sourav Ganguly had with Russell Arnold in the India vs Sri Lanka Champions Trophy Final in 2002?

The videos online show what a hard time his fellow teammates, the opposing team and even the umpire had, trying to cool him off.

 5. Stand-off with Greg Chappell

The Ganguly-Chappell controversy is well known to most – in true Dada style, it led to much drama on field and off! From the leaked email stating that Ganguly was ‘physically and mentally unfit’ to his omission from the ODI series, from Harbhajan Singh’s fierce support to protests in West Bengal and parliamentary speeches about it, it was probably the most dramatic moment in Indian cricket.  


 6. Claiming Eden

While commentating with Ravi Shastri in a test against New Zealand in 2012, Saurav was teased by Shastri who asked him  if there was anything named after him in Eden Gardens.

Dada instantly  shot back, “The ground belongs to Ganguly!”. Now that is how a don  speaks, right?

 7. Mauke pe Chauka 

Commenting on the ‘Mauka mauka’ advertisements which were a rage during the World Cup 2015, Sourav had cheekily   said that “the ad will remain the same for next 10 to 12 years because Pakistan will never beat India in the World Cup”. 


8. On football

Sourav Ganguly originally wanted to make it big in the soccer world as a child. Even as an adult, he maintained an interest, as you can see in the chat between him and Nasser Hussain : 

Nasser Hussain: When can I see India playing in a football World Cup?

Harsha Bhogle: It’s better not to participate rather than getting knocked out in the first round.

Sourav Ganguly: If India had played World Cup football for 50 years, then they would have qualified one or two times for the finals — unlike England!

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