Battle for Bengal

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West Bengal has always been witness to political controversy but the recent elections have really captured the nation – whether it is the public back and forth of the two prime candidates, Mamata Banerjee’s injuries or the relentless accusations being thrown around. 

Mamata Banerjee, better known as Didi, first came to our attention as the woman who took over West Bengal with a landslide win for Trinamool Congress. But notoriety and devotion seem to follow her relentlessly. Reports of a brutal attack on the 70 year old mother of a BJP worker perpetrated by Banerjee and murder in broad daylight of people who dare to speak ill of her have led the media to brand her governance as ‘Jungle Raj’. 

However, the BJP does not stand far behind in their line of controversies. Violent clashes in Kolkata which were sparked between the parties after the police tried to stop a BJP’s victory march, left 4 dead. Add to this that Rakesh Singh, BJP representative, was recently arrested in one of the 27 criminal cases he has against him – and we have quite a spicy conflict ahead of us, promising to be as entertaining as it will be disturbing. 

To get deeper into all the drama, check out our outstanding books on Mamata and the BJP’s electoral recipe. 


Didi: The Bengal Tigress

With the West Bengal elections dominating our news and screens, explore Mamata Banerjee’s extraordinary life and career, full of first-hand accounts and acute observations. Didi, as she became popularly known – a woman who single-handedly fought and defeated the Left in Bengal.


How the BJP Wins by Prashant Jha

We decode the secret to Modi’s mass appeal. Some may speculate that it is inciting communalism that gets him where he wants to be, but the throngs of supporters that throw in their stock with him, is also a testament to the trust and worship he invokes in the common man. Prashant Jha dissects the BJP’s strategy to answer questions we are all asking. (12)

The Modi Hawa

Even five years ago, no one thought the BJP would not only win an outright majority in the national elections but also have thirteen chief ministers across Indian states. One man is responsible for BJP’s extraordinary success: Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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