Be your OWN Valentine!

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“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” – Robert Morely

As we are celebrating the Week of Love, it only made sense that we spoke of a love that is oftentimes ignored or not considered important in front of other relationships that one is expected to maintain. We are talking about self-love. Probably the only kind of love that has the most promising benefits. Many people think of self-love as a day at the spa or a bubble bath, but self-love means so much more than that.

This week we have curated a list of our top books to help get you started in what should be a never-ending journey! (14)

1. You Will Love Again: A Guide to Healing from Heartbreak- Shyam Bhat

A top psychiatrist (and a trustee of Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Foundation) talks of finding your way out of a heartbreak. (15)

2. How to Love Yourself- Vaibhav Datar

This book emphasizes the need to make yourself a priority because your journey to happiness begins with self-love, and in the end that is what matters the most. (19)

3. Be Totally Selfish – Sadhguru

One deserves to be selfish for oneself. Being selfish isn’t a bad trait after all! Sadhguru deciphers what does it mean to be selfish and can we be unselfish? (17)

4. 9 Self-care Tips to Reach Your Goals- Sanket Pai

Only when you start taking care of yourself, you can reach your goals. Once you start looking after yourself, allowing yourself to rest and put in an equal amount of hard work the end destination will be your desired goal, or even better! (11)

5. We Are A Diamond in the Making- daaji Kamlesh Patel

Daaji on how we can become a better person, and emerge as a winner from challenging situations by going easy on ourselves, allowing ourselves to make mistakes, and surrender to the never-ending journey of learning. (13)

6. Path to Happiness- Om Swami

Yogi and monk Om Swami shares life skills on how to stay happy while elaborating the reason to embark upon this imperative journey! (18)

7. Awakening The Power Of Self Love-Kanchan Bisht

In the journey of life owning your story and loving yourself is the bravest thing. You need to allow yourself to make mistakes without harming your mental wellbeing and perceive each day as a new inning to play!


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