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Let me open my list with a dodgy but enjoyable choice. The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice is the first-ever vampire novel I read and it features the fabulous Vampire Lestat switching bodies with a psychic who refuses to switch back. Is it really a retelling of a myth? Well, sort of. It is a vampire story and a...

It’s been a year of great books. First, foremost, the shatteringly beautiful and moving account of the Tamil language as grammar, life and love by David Shulman. The most haunting story he tells in Tamil: A Biography is of the repeated loss and recovery of the literary tradition. Or so the story goes. In fiction,...

'Welcome back into the world, Murugan. We are so very glad to have you.' - R. Sivapriya on Perumal Murugan

An editor mourns the passing of a translator who was not just wonderfully skilful but extraordinarily sensitive to her material.

I discovered the French really love their books, and more than half of the fiction published there comes from across the world through translations

Setting aside the wonderful Agatha Christie, the goddesses of British crime are Dorothy Sayers, P.D. James and Ruth Rendell.