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All writers dread their reviews, keeping their fingers crossed that they will be raves. But now there’s a new kind of review and a new kind of reviewer. They don’t read the book and they review not the book but the writer and his/her politics. Their victims are left-liberal writers, many of whom Juggernaut are...

Pankaj Mishra speaks to Chiki Sarkar about the failures of modern capitalism, Narendra Modi's politics, and why the next decade will be crucial for India.

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Chiki Sarkar on why she keeps going back to Susan Miller for astrological solutions

  That Friday night, my Twitter feed was abuzz with Kanhaiya Kumar — he was everywhere, and the electrifying speech he had given in JNU after his release on bail kept being retweeted and watched again and again. I could not stop thinking about it, and immediately called up a colleague who knew him, and another friend,...

I've always loved throwing small dinner parties with authors. Here are my secrets to throwing one!