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An excerpt from a true story about a single mother who went from working at her local store to becoming a high-risk security contractor in Iraq.

Why Microsoft acquired LinkedIn; Akhil Sharma wins Dublin International Literary Award, & a bookstore without any books -- all this & more in this week's Elsewhere in Publishing.

Devi Prasad Mishra is a renowned Hindi writer and filmmaker whose experimental, avant-garde prose has broken new barriers in literature. His collection of stories, In an Infamous Street, are known for its ‘nano stories’, stories with short, spare prose, that say a lot within a few lines. Renu Agal, Juggernaut Hindi...

Juggernaut expands its collection with the finest of books from our new partner publisher – Black Inc., an Australian publisher of high-quality nonfiction and fiction from Down Under, and the Australian Book Industry (ABIA) Small Publisher of the Year 2015. Black Inc. boasts of several award-winning nonfiction...

Pariah author Amal Singh on drawing inspiration from Delhi's past cities, and where dreams come from.

Listen to a short excerpt from Operation Cactus, the story of India's most daredevil military operation you've never heard of!

In conversation with Nagesh Kukunoor and Anushka Ravishankar about Dhanak, the award-winning children's film

Archana Saboo, author of AdiKool in #AfricanAdventures, was a full-time mother till two years ago, and it was only when her children went to boarding school that she turned to writing. She is also an entrepreneur, and will soon launch her spa, Samskara. We spoke to her about her writing process: Do you write...

The first Indian winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Sacred Games will soon be on Netflix. All this and more, in this week's Elsewhere in Publishing & Digital Media

A conversation with Sayoni Basu, publisher at Duckbill, on why Indian teens don't read too many homegrown authors, and publishing for children in India.