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A compelling biography of Indira Gandhi, aliens in Delhi & a retelling of fables from the Koran -- these are books you will want to read over and over.

A new Suketu Mehta story, tales from the Ramayana, India's war in Bastar, an English translation of a banned Hindi novel and so much more.

Aparna Sinha, author of political thriller Ashvamedha, on politics being the art of manipulation and why more young people are joining politics.

Maximum City author Suketu Mehta in conversation with Juggernaut publisher Chiki Sarkar

Equal rights activist Harish Iyer on discovering one's sexuality, coming out, and the difficulties of being LGBTQ in India.

Body-shaming was only the least of the worst things they said about Rekha.

We left it to you to choose the titles. Now we want these books.

Sucheta Dasgupta on literary tours and why the short story is a more powerful medium in #HowWritersWrite

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Nine authors share their wackiest sibling stories -- and some more.