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Watch 10-year-old Shayan stump Ramayana scholar Arshia Sattar

From Umrao Jaan to Parineeta, there's no doubting who's Bollywood's ultimate diva!

From a Ramayana told from Raavan's perspective to a beautifully illustrated retelling of the original Valmiki Ramayana, these books will change the way you think of Dussehra!

Because all lies aren't that bad

A narrative about a lynching that shook the nation, being a Muslim parent in today's world, and a brilliant debut -- these are books you'll read over and over again

If you want to know more about the Mahatma, look no more

Here are the top 10 stories in the first Juggernaut Love Story Contest

The roots of pakistan's suspicion towards India started in 1947. Husain Haqqani tells the history.

The Burning Forest author Nandini Sundar on the Maoist movement in Bastar, Salwa Judum, and how state institutions have failed the Bastar adivasis

These books courted trouble and faced political opposition, and in some cases, even bans.