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The Jewel in the Crown author Anita Anand on Maharaja Ranjit Singh's legacy and the troubled history of the Kohinoor.

A diamond no man can wear. Another that killed its owner. And one that did not sway a woman's heart. These are the world's most famous diamonds!

Historian D.N. Jha on how the cow wasn’t always the holy animal it is considered to be today

Here are our picks from the digital originals

Juggernaut is proud to announce an association with Business Standard, Caravan and Fortune for exclusive digital originals.

Looking at you, boys!

Author Siddharth Chowdhury on the worst thing to happen to him on Indian highways and why we love banning things.

Blogger Reshmy Pillai reviews the fourth episode of Love Lasts Forever, Urdu writer Umera Ahmed's epic romance

It takes one bad apple to ruin the whole barrel!

Australian cricketer Brad Hogg writes about the infamous 2008 Sydney Test, when Harbhajan Singh allegedly racially abused Andrew Symonds