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We’re busy running from home to the office and then to the gym (on a good day), our only constant being the smartphone that we carry with us wherever we go. How can you squeeze in those 15 minutes of reading time? We’ve got you covered. Just download the app and get ready to read while on your way to anywhere: Reading...

Take this quiz and find out which genre best suits you!

Sure, it’s the beginning of the month and you still have (some) salary left in your account. But do you really have to step out to enjoy your weekend? Our ideal weekend means staying in and binge-reading. It also means taking a break from browsing your social media timeline and putting your smart phone to smarter use....

These are 5 murders that shook the nation as a whole.

These 5 books go against the government's narrative. But without dissent, there can be no democracy.

बदलते रिश्तों की अंतरंग कहानियां जगरनॉट बुक्स हिंदी में दिलचस्प, मनोरंजक और रोमांचक किताबें लेकर आया है. ये रचनाएं तेज...

These were the top 10 books on Juggernaut in April

एप लॉंच के पहले महीने में पूरे एकमाह बेहतरीन लेखकों की 200 सेअधिक किताबें आप मुफ्त में पढ़ सकतेहैं।

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