Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Here are the states and stories we are visiting in the first week of #AroundIndiaIn30Days!



The Missing Piece by Anita Nair

A collection of love letters in a bookshop in Shimla. A doctor from Kashmir, an artist from Kochi. Both of them reach for the book. The stars are on course for a collision



Letters from Kargil by Diksha Dwivedi

In May 1999, India was invaded by Pakistan in Kargil, Ladakh, in a surprise attack. Diksha Dwivedi’s father was one of the martyrs of that war. In this extremely moving book, she tells the story of the Kargil war through the letters and diaries of her father and other soldiers who fought there.



A Man of a Woman by Easterine Kire

A Man of a Woman’ is a stark remark on patriarchy, the tradition of celebrating the birth of sons and dreading the birth of daughters. It’s a story of a woman who defies the norm with a character much stronger than that of many men…



The Spirit of the Forest by Subi Taba

The Spirit of the Forest’ is a story about a Range Forest Officer posted in Pakke Tiger Reserve in Seijosa, Pakke Kessang, a town with slow and secluded lifestyle and his encounters in the reserve forest with wild boar poachers, deforestation for timber, illegal land occupation and the spirit of the forest to fight back



Indigenius: Serving Up Schooling by Gayatri Jayaraman

Of all the welfare schemes of the government, its smallest one has gone the farthest – Puducherry has shown this with its model Mid-Day Meal Scheme. This is part eight in a series of writings on 10 Indian innovations

Been loving the tour around the country during August? We have another one starting right after – only this one is meant to help you discover yourself! Check out our plans for Bounce Back with Juggernaut here!


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