Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Here are the states and stories we are visiting in the first week of #AroundIndiaIn30Days!



The Presence of the Dragon by Probal Dasgupta

Relations between India and China have been rocky involving incidents such as accusations of stolen sheep and yaks. Over the years there have been various instances of China and India having issues concerning Tibet and Sikkim. The arrival of the Queen of Sikkim, Hope Cooke, in 1964 brought about its own issues to this equation and all this happened while India and Pakistan went through war and a ceasefire. The events leading up to the war of 1965 and the outcomes are laid out in this excerpt.



The Women on the Wall by Raghu Karnad

This particular excerpt is about the peaceful protest by the brave Muslim women at

Shaheen Bagh against the unconstitutional citizenship laws the government had passed

which discriminated against minorities. The mini block buster is taken from Our Freedoms:

Essays and Stories from India’s Best Writers and is written by Raghu Karnad.



A Sweet Getaway by Aastha Atray

It was her first holiday in 2020, and a romance was far away from her mind. But the universe always grants you your deepest desires…



The Great Indian Tee & Snakes by Kritika Pandey

It is a story of a girl who works at a tea stall and falls in love. The religious climate of

the country becomes an obstacle to her love. This story was first published in Granta.



The School Girl’s Story by Ankush Saikia

A tale of innocence destroyed, based on a real-life incident which shook the state of

Assam some years ago.



The House of Jaipur by John Zubrzycki

This excerpt describes the reign of Devaraya II, his son and grandson, the ‘golden age’ of Vijayanagar. The mini block buster is taken from ‘Rebel Sultans: The Deccan from Khilji to Shivaji’ by Manu S. Pillai.



The Sabarimala Case: Women in the Temple by Abhishek Singhvi with Satyajit Sarna

What happened when religion clashed with law? India’s top lawyer explains the Sabarimala case about women’s entry to the temple. This is a chapter from FROM THE TRENCHES written by Abhishek Singhvi with Satyajit Sarna.


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