Apps that’ve made life better

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Tired of deciding what apps you must have on your phone? Here are some apps that really clicked with us in the past few months, not just for what they offer, but also for their vision and the effort the developers have put into them:




News in shorts – Low on time doesn’t necessarily have to mean low on news any more, thanks to Inshorts! Their concise shorts cover all aspects of the latest news and their well-targeted push notifications keep you in the loop with the latest happenings. (Available on iOS & Android)






Practo – Just what the doctor ordered. Practo helps you discover doctors and clinics near you, and also aims to maintain patient records in a streamlined way so that they are easily accessible in times of emergency. Never has healthcare been so simplified! (Available on iOS & Android)






Haptik – A smart personal assistant that saves time and effort. You can ask Haptik to help you out with booking tickets, checking for information on utilities, shopping, travel etc. A very convenient app, but also sure to make you even lazier. (Available on iOS & Android)






Delhi Public Transport – Don’t let the Odd-Even formula bother you any more. A 1 MB app by Google that brings all of Delhi transport to your phone, even while your 3G connection is shaky at times. If you have this in your pocket, you’ll never get lost in Delhi again. (Available on Android)






Duolingo – An app that helps you learn a foreign language in a really fun way. Duolingo opens up a world of opportunities before you and let’s you test yourself on the language you are learning. A must have if you’re travelling abroad. (Available on iOS & Android)






What are the apps that are keeping you busy? Or have made your life better? Let us know.



  1. Pavan Kumar / January 25, 2016 at 3:37 pm /Reply

    Dear Juggernaut team ,

    I recently stumbled upon Juggernaut and i am thrilled with what you guys are trying to do/offer.
    With respect to this article’s title “Apps that’ve made life better”, I would like to share an app that i have developed which i feel is of very good use for online shoppers or anyone who makes a lot of online transactions involving OTP(One time password).

    My app is called “Whats OTP”.It allows you to quickly copy the OTP(One time password) sent to your mobile,so that you can finish the online transaction/authentication process in an instant manner.You can do this without having to navigate to your SMS inbox everytime in order to view your OTP and thus enjoy a hassle free experience.

    Play store link:

    Please go through the app’s demo video/screenshots in the above link for better understanding and do tell me what you guys think of the app.

    I will be thrilled & grateful if folks at Juggernaut like my app and start using it.Also,if you guys think that my app makes one’s life better,is there a chance that it can get a mention in the above article?


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