We are delighted to announce that we’ll be publishing Hardik Patel’s book Who Took My Job: Why the Indian Reservation System Needs to Change for which he will take senior journalist Darshan Desai through his journey.

Patel first gained popularity in 2015 when he demanded reservation for the Patidar community in Gujarat. This book, as told to Desai, will explore Hardik Patel’s political philosophy, the reservation movement he spearheads, and his journey so far. It will be simultaneously published in both Hindi and English.

“There should be 100% reservation for all, according to population. Agriculture is in bad shape, employment opportunities are dwindling and there is no point of good education when you don’t get admissions or even government jobs. I am not saying existing reservations should be stopped but meritorious persons should not be denied opportunities just to accommodate others.” says Hardik Patel

“For a journalist who has been covering politics for long, the Hardik Patel phenomenon was an eye opener not only because a boy in his early twenties shook an invincible Narendra Modi mountain, but also because he made a new national voice of sorts. My attempt here is not just a book talking to Hardik Patel, but trying to figure out this new generation, which, curiously is not against reservations for many disadvantaged classes but wants its own space,“ says Darshan Desai

“At Juggernaut, we’re committed to providing a platform to a new generation of voices- young leaders who are changing the landscape of Indian politics. This book promises to provide an insight into the aspirations of millions of young Indians.” says Chiki Sarkar, publisher, Juggernaut Books.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Varchaswi / August 8, 2017 at 3:50 pm /Reply

    A great decision…. especially by Juggernaut publishers…

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