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Ankur Warikoo’s first book, ‘Do Epic Shit’ has taken the internet by storm! After hitting #1 within hours of the preorder announcement, it is set to become the most gifted book this year! If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, here’s your chance to find out – here’s the introduction to the book. 

This book may very well turn out to be the most useless book you will ever buy. Because nothing in this book is something you don’t know of.

This book is not going to be a revelation. It is meant to be a reminder. A reminder of how life happens to all of us, in a similar yet unequal fashion.

This book is not going to say something new. It is meant to put words to your thoughts. Thoughts that we all feel, repeatedly, but rarely stop to make sense of.

This book is not going to change your life. It is meant to make you more aware. So that you make choices in life from a state of awareness and not ignorance.

This book is a compilation of my thoughts that I have shared on social media over the past twelve months. 

Most of which come from my own reflections, my own observations, my own experiences.

Back in school, we used to play this game called book-cricket. Where we would open up a book to a random page, and the page number would determine how much we scored on that ‘ball’. I imagine this book to be one such book-cricket, except we don’t score runs. Instead, here we are reminded, we put words to our thoughts and we become more aware.

If I could make a suggestion, playbook- cricket with this book.

Every day, open a random page. Read one, maybe three pages. Reflect upon them. Maybe make some notes. Or just smile at how it made you feel.

And then come back to it the next day.

If on any day you find yourself saying ‘I needed to hear this today’, consider me the bestselling author of the century! Stay awesome, stay focused, do epic shit! 

Read ‘Do Epic Shit’ by Ankur Warikoo, here.

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