Aniesha Brahma has written young adult novels such as: When Our Worlds Collide, All Signs Lead Back to You, When Our Worlds Meet Again etc. She loves writing and hence dabbles in the world of short stories from time to time. Her story ‘Where Did He Go?’ is an entry for a contest by the same name. It is a fun and entertaining story of Nidhi as she tries to find the guy who until that morning was a regular at the morning. In a short span of time, Nidhi learns the greatest lesson that life can offer. The ending of this quick and relatable read will leave you surprised, all in a good way!

You can read it here.

Your story is Editor’s Pick of the Week. Please tell us more about it and its inspiration.

‘Where Did He Go’ was inspired by the thought that some times we take certain things for granted, that we build extravagant fantasies in our heads and reality is far from it! The story came to me after I read the prompt on the Writing Platform. I thought about it for a couple of days and then hid out in my office’s conference room to write it. :) The characters were all made up and making Nidhi follow a trail of online, offline, landline, address etc. was a pure stroke of genius. I had fun writing that scavenger hunt! 

Do you have any particular rules or rituals you follow as a writer?
There is an old saying that goes, ‘If you want to be a writer, be.” To me it is as simple as that. I might cry and crib over the fact that life is too busy and I just have not had the time to put pen to paper – but…truth is, when you love writing, you will fish out even a five minute to quickly jot down your ideas. I have started using the commuting time to write stories now. 

What got you interested in becoming a writer? Where do you go for inspiration?
I wanted to be a writer from the age of six. I was a little obsessed with Fairy Tales. I announced to my family that I wanted to become an author, they said okay and the rest, as they say is history. As for inspiration, I get it from every day life. Giving regular things a twist sometimes gives way to the best stories.
What’s that one piece written by you, which is your all-time favourite?
All the novels (When Our Worlds Collide, All Signs Lead Back to You, When Our Worlds Meet Again) have been my absolute favourites. I particularly enjoyed working on An Awfully BIG Adventure (it’s on Kindle Direct) – which was my spin on popular fairy tale characters. KDP helped me bring that book out as traditional publishers were not really into the book. But if we are talking about short stories – Something Wicked This Way Comes remains an all-time favourite.
Your bestselling authors and books list. Why do they make it to your list?
Any book written by Neil Gaiman and John Green would always find themselves in my list. Other books include Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster and Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond. Both of these books are my comfort reads. I read a lot of books: young adult fiction because I like the genre and I read a lot of Indian writing in English. It’s fun. I usually talk about the books I am reading on social media under the hashtag #BooksOverChai.
Any writing tips you’d like to share with fellow writers?
There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to writing. Something that works for me, might not work for you. Also, don’t be hard on yourself on the bad writing days. It exists to make you appreciate good writing days. If there’s a story you want to share with the world – do it. Toni Morrison was right: you need to write the story that you want to read which has not been written yet!

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