We’re very excited to have Airtel come on board as a strategic partner in Juggernaut’s journey. Over the next few weeks we will detail out how we can add value to Airtel’s customer base and how we can benefit from their scale? As we go into those discussions, some early thoughts:

  1. Build a case for reading and writing online:India has seen an explosive growth in data consumption over the last couple of years. Most of the consumption has led to massive scale increase for video OTT and engagement boost for social networks but there has been very little movement on the use case for online book reading or writing. We could work with Airtel to bring the online book reading world to life at scale. Our winning combination of exclusive and relevant content, affordable price points and the convenience of reading books on the phone can be used to construct a successful customer proposition.
  2. Access to market to high value customer base: 

    Airtel has several digital franchises – Airtel payments bank, Wynk music, Airtel TV, My Airtel app and at the very least we will use their digital inventories to cross-sell Juggernaut Books as well as devise co-marketing opportunities, imagine a contest to meet Twinkle Khanna open to Airtel TV users for the launch of her new book or a Facebook Live video of Rajdeep Sardesai in conversation with Sachin Tendulkar available only to Airtel TV customers to promote Rajdeep’s latest cricket bestseller!

  3. White label a books store for Airtel customers: 

    Airtel has terrific strength and numbers in the Hindi heartland of Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and MP. We could launch a white labeled online book store called ‘Airtel Books’ with a 5,000+ books catalogue, 1,000+ free books including classics and a ramped up and free amateur writing platform catalogue along with books at the micro price points of Rs 10/30/50.

  4. Year-long offline events: 

    One of our visions for Juggernaut is to have an event a day somewhere in the country. We could use Airtel stores to plan book launches, imagine how democratic that is! Book launches which are traditionally held in fancy auditoriums/members-only clubs could be held in Airtel’s revamped stores with participation from Airtel employees and customer base. Imagine Saurav Ganguly launching his biography in 15 cities all across India!

The possibilities are endless and our focus will be to derive as much scale as possible from this strategic investment. We are also thrilled to learn from their teams, it’s not often that a large corporate manages to build a slew of successful digital products, and our teams will lean on their learning curve to leap frog ahead in product, design and marketing. We’ll keep you posted as we clarify our plans.

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