February has been the month of love and Sourav Ganguly at Juggernaut. Here are the most-read books our readers loved on the Juggernaut app.

The top five books for the month of Feb are…

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Rice: The Grain That Sustains by Rujuta Diwekar • Announcing The End by Sourav Ganguly • A Century Is Not Enough by Sourav Ganguly • 1984 by George Orwell • Boss Is Always Right by Rajesh

While Sourav Ganguly’s book A Century Is Not Enough has been the highest purchased book, the introduction of Dada’s book – Announcing The End, was the most read free book on the Juggernaut app.

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The most downloaded book for February was:

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Rujuta Diwekar‘s book Rice: The Grain That Sustains talks about how rice is everybody’s comfort food and for a very good reason. It is non-allergen, gluten-free and high on protein digestibility score. A must-read to plan your ideal diet plan!

The most purchased books are…

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Rice: The Grain That Sustains by Rujuta Diwekar •A Century Is Not Enough by Sourav Ganguly • Combat Skirts by Sahana Ahmed • Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister by Sagarika Ghose • Mothering A Muslim by Nazia Erum

The top free books in the month of Feb are…

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1984 by George Orwell • Announcing The End by Sourav Ganguly • The Parasite by Arthur Conan Doyle • The First Time by Rudra Narayan • Boss Is Always Right by Rajesh

Two books from our writing platform authors have made it to the top 5 most read books this month.

The First Time by Rudra Narayan is the honourable mention for the Kolkata Lit Meet writing contest. The story is beautifully evocative of the late 80s and 90s. It is the time of Lux, Liril and Rexona, when two boys set out to fulfill a teenage desire. The reader is left guessing on what this desire is, through a detailed landscape of the past. There is humour, there is charm and there is a heavy dose of nostalgia. But beyond all this, there is a wonderful, imp-like twist at the end, which makes the story all the more delightful.

Boss Is Always Right by Rajesh is an erotica and the plot is set in a workplace. The mistakes of an employee and the sweet punishments of the boss. Well, with such a boss you might want to make a few mistakes of your own!

The Juggernaut writing platform has given these two budding authors recognition for their work. The genres are diverse and the readership is immense. Try it out for yourself and give the author in you the freedom to write and the right to be read – these are rights promised to you by the constitution of the Juggernaut writing platform.

The month of Love

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We certainly did not hold back from celebrating the month of love. As much love there was for Dada fans, the same love was there for our romance authors. As a gift of love to all our readers, during Valentine week we gave out some great romance reads from different categories – erotica, campus romance, obsessive love gone wrong, classic love stories, self love, selfless love, LGBT – all at discounted prices. The books were a combination of exclusive Juggernaut books as well as partner books.

We look forward to bringing forth more amazing and exotic stories for you to read.
Read well known authors & budding authors, classic books & the first work of amateur writers only on Juggernaut app and website Stay tuned!

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