Could the Mahabharata inspire a serial killer?

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A serial killer is on the loose in Calcutta, twisting the Mahabharata into a perverse game of cat-and-mouse. An upright lady officer is on the hunt, struggling with her own demons. And a city is changing, revealing a side never seen before.

Arnab Ray’s The Mahabharata Murders immediately struck us as one of the best crime thrillers of the year. Beginning with a crime scene that shocked us with its graphic detail, the antagonist is a copycat killer — only, he borrows from the epic itself! Calling himself a modern reincarnation of Duryodhana, he wants to avenge the deaths of his closest friends who were killed by the Pandavas. And he will not stop until Yudhisthira, the last Pandava, is dead.

This is Indian crime writing at its finest: a story that takes off straight from the word go. It is a gripping police procedural drama, with a formidable lady-officer leading the investigation while fighting her own battles. All of this, while describing an India that is too real and truly frightening.

Arnab called his book ‘a twisted story that bites’! We couldn’t agree more!



Juggernaut will be publishing The Mahabharata Murders first on its digital platform exclusively later this year, and as a print edition subsequently. You can read more about The Mahabharata Murders here.

Arnab Ray is one of India’s most widely read bloggers. You can follow him on Twitter here.







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