We got to read some amazing stories in the Times LitFest contest winners. Have a look at the top 3 entries of the contest:

That Girl is Trouble by Divya Anand

The winning entry of the contest, That Girl is Trouble is a very balanced, yet eye-opening take on a phenomenon we are all too familiar with. Divya has won herself a contract from us. Congratulations!

Editors’ Note: This story is very relatable. It stuck with me because it truly captures the essence of sexual harassment at the workplace – and how uncomfortable and downright creepy it can be – without sounding preachy or judgemental.

that girl is trouble cover

Read the winning story here.

Moonhope by Sarang Gupta

This story is a treat for all science-fiction lovers. In the year 2091, there is a test is done on Moonhope, a large human settlement on the Moon, which has serious implications for all humanity.

Editors’ Note: “This story can draw in someone who is not even a fan of science fiction. And I absolutely loved the twist at the end, it was completely unexpected.”


You can read this set in the future book here.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Jasmeet Walia

Kaira who lived the life of an orphan was not actually an orphan. Nita, the housekeeper of a wealthy business tycoon, raised her. Filled with rage and pain, Kaira became adamant to avenge for her mother’s death. However, Mr. Ashok Mathur was too quick to knock her down. Will Nita be able to do justice to her best friend and Kaira? A story that keeps you going till the very end, building up the pace and maintaining the momentum.

Editor’s Note: “I enjoyed the pace and the building of tension through the story. It also perfectly created the scene for me, almost felt like I was watching it unfold in front of me.”

twinkle twinkle little star

You can read this intriguing tale here.

Other than the top three entries, here are some more suggestions from the awesome entries which are definitely worth a read:

Passenger 32C by Abhilash Sanyal

Sameer Gupta is returning home to his wife in Bangalore. After a tiring business trip, all he wants is to unwind. His relaxation, however, is short lived. While aboard the plane, he gets a news alert saying his flight has crashed and that there are no survivors. How can that be? Is it just a bad dream? Or has he just seen the future?

Read here to find out.

The Forgotten Quest by Sahil Pradhan

The much celebrated TV programme Vikram and Betal, now can be read in a book. But, as you keep reading it, you feel like you are actually seeing the play happen right in front of your eyes – so beautifully has the author penned it down.

The story of legendary King Vikram and a corpse possessed by a vetal that has no intentions of letting the king get away easily! A story filled with the juices of morality, love and wit. It is the story of the forgotten quest.

Read this book here.

Dream Catcher by Azra Bhagat

What’s wrong with teacup? Why has Red come to Artemis? In Beds & Bugs, which Artemis runs – a small b&b outside town Red starts having visions. Is teacup is Artemis’s baby? What war and conflict does this brew for Wolfie and Artemis.

A quirky tale you need to read to know and enjoy its feel.

You are welcome to read it here.

A Pause In Traffic by Prateek Tiwari

A tiny tale of the abrupt silence that sometimes sweeps over us while we are busy navigating our city lives. The story may be short, but just these few words leave a lasting impact on you, making you wonder how you pass through life without noticing the simple scenes playing right in front of you.

Definitely worth a read. Read it here.

Fatal Fate by Vidhya Devaraj

Deathbed is waiting for you! Pay for your Sins! – This creepy text message from an unknown number turns the lives of two friends upside down. Neither did the two know what sins they have committed nor could they find who it is. Tension builds up as time ticks away. Could the two friends find this mysterious person before they face a fatal fate?

Get the answers yourself. Read the story here.

A Double Distraction by Vinayak Nadkarni

A Schizophrenic patient meets a hot caretaker. A stormy night, a new flame and an unexplored barrier begging to be broken. But, who is in for a surprise? The patient, or the caretaker or, OR, you? A masterful narration, a simple plot and an unbelievable twist.

Read the interesting turn of events here.


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