#OnlyInIndia: 6 Movies That We’d Love To Watch

Screenwriters, TV Executives, here's your cue.

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When we’re not trying to find the best writing, we like to lose ourselves in great movies and TV shows. But we’ve been running out of new content to watch – and it’ll be quite a wait before the biggies come (okay, Batman vs Superman is almost here, but it’s just not fair Game of Thrones gives us a trailer more cryptic than the show itself!), so we racked our brains and thought of a few stories we’d definitely like to see on the big screen or on TV.

Screenwriters, TV executives, here’s your cue…

The 1983 World Cup win: We cannot believe there isn’t a movie on this already! This is a moment in modern Indian history that has drama written all over it: underdogs going into the competition; placed at 17 for 5 wickets in a match they absolutely needed to win; trophy contenders against a team that had won both previous World Cups comprehensively; defending a ridiculous score of 183 against the mighty West Indians, turning the game with a catch that would surely rank as one of the best in the history of the game. The imagination of our script writers fail to do us justice!












Surender Mohan Pathak novels: It is unbelievable that none of Hindi pulp king Surender Mohan Pathak’s novels have been dramatized, either as a film or a TV series. Further, only 5 of his nearly 300 novels have been translated into English! Imagine a desi noir crime drama, based on his investigative journalist Sunil: someone who saves damsels in distress all the time, a dipsomaniac [or a politer term for alcoholic], and willing to go to any lengths for justice!












Jim Corbett’s stories: Jason Flemyng [who?] starred as the English hunter in an absolutely ridiculous dramatization that would have Corbett turning in his grave and bringing out his favourite rifle! Why are we not adapting his hunting tales? His most-famous one, The Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag, is a thrilla-in-Manila: a terror-stricken account of a woman being dragged away in her sleep from a room where 30 others slept [and did not hear a sound!]; long vigils stooped on top of a suspension bridge, waiting for the beast; and finally, a vicious leopard-vs-leopard fight!



Super Commando Dhruv/Doga: We could not remember the number of times a Doga movie was said to be in the works. And we want one now! This crime-stopper who wears a dog’s mask is the ultimate Indian superhero, who works out in a gym, who is first raised by dogs and then 4 pehelwans of the gym, and has no remorse when it comes to hunting criminals. The only Indian superhero who can compete with him is Super Commando Dhruv – India’s answer to Batman, with an added superpower: he can talk to animals! Come on Anurag Kashyap – give us the films!





Rajinikanth: Of course, the simple reason for not making a film on Rajinikanth’s life could be that no one but Rajinikanth can play Rajinikanth. But come on, how can you not be moved by a life that began as a bus conductor in a Karnataka state, and became Asia’s highest-paid film actor? His is a story of grit, determination and temerity, and it has everything in it to make it as big a blockbuster as Chandramukhi, Sivaji, Baasha or Enthiran.

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Rakesh Sharma: India’s first astronaut, who spent 7 days and 21 hours in space, replied ‘Saare Jahan Se Accha’ when asked how India looked from space by Indira Gandhi – his is an extraordinary story that combines India’s indigenous brilliance in space exploration along with the story of an individual who braved it all to reach the final frontier. Come on filmmakers, you can’t seriously be ignoring him!


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