Whether you’re meditating one hour per day or six, you are not truly meditating. Meditation is a way of life, not an escape from it. Acharya Prashant tells us 5 common mistakes we may be making when we meditate. 

1, Do not meditate to feel good

Meditation is not a temporary solution to a couple of bad days or hours. It must take over every aspect of your life and then you can begin to discover how meditation can truly help you. 

  1. Breathing technique is merely the beginning

Breathing is the very beginning of meditation – it gives you a glimpse of the beyond so that you can fall in love with it. But don’t stay satisfied just with the glimpse. Demand more, go deeper. 

  1. Stop being a watchman

Attention is not about keeping an eye on yourself. It is about being an attendant to the truth. Meditation is a thing of the heart, it cannot be cultivated. 

  1. Defeat distractions

‘Why does this sound or so-called distraction matter to me at all?’ – ask yourself that. Answer this question and you delve deeper into your own consciousness. 

  1. Meditation is not a way to withdraw from daily life

You must ask yourself, ‘Is my meditation challenging the real bondages of my life?’. Many people use meditation to not address the real problems in their lives. That is why meditation has to be a constant and unending thing, not a 1 hour session in the morning. It must become an integral part of your life. 

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