5 Signs You Were Born to be a Writer

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“When I’m writing, I know I’m doing the thing I was born to do” – Anne Sexton

Have you ever, just as a passing thought, considered writing, but weren’t sure if it was meant for you? Or have you always wanted to be a writer and just need a sign to finally catapult into the world of literature? Or are you simply just curious about your own potential? Well this list is made just for you! We’ve compiled a list of few signs we feel determine whether you were born to be a writer. [Born to be a writer? Try our Writing Platform and share your story with the world]

  1. You’re a passionate observer. You are never only focused on one thing, instead try and divide your attention on to absolutely everything around you. You carefully take note of everybody’s actions and words and even try and figure out what they may be hiding (or you know,not saying). You’re like a hawk, and everyone around is the prey. You often feel like in a given situation, you are outside of even your own body and are watching the whole scene unfold. This may even lead to some social awkwardness because you’re more interested in observing people rather than conversing with them!
  2. You’re always making up stories: Most of the time, you don’t take anything at face value. You’re always making up mental stories about whatever you see around you.If you see a man hurrying past you, you weave a long and detailed story around that one incident. Long car/bus/train rides make you imagine what may be going on inside all the little houses and buildings you pass (more often than not, your stories are highly dramatic)
  3. You read like your life depends on it: This point is as crucial as it is obvious. While reading and writing don’t always have to be correlated, its scientifically proven that it’s those writers who are die-hard obsessed with reading who go on to write the most widely appreciated books themselves. Thomas Hardy was a Dickens fan and Hemingway loved Mark Twain, to name a few examples. Without stories to get inspired from/draw ideas from, how can an author truly create something magical?

  4. Alone time is precious time: While you may be the most extroverted person most of the time, your alone time is absolutely essential to your functioning. You may use this time to write, read, work, unwind or simply gather your thoughts and assess the day that passed/is to come. Whatever the purpose, sometimes all to yourself, away from all human interaction is a key part of who you are. For most writers, it is this time that produces some of their best work!
  5. Perfectionism is key: All writers are inherently perfectionists of the highest order, and for good reason. Their work is so precious to them, they can’t settle for anything less than perfect. This trait tends to find its way other aspects of their lives as well, and they’re constantly obsessed with perfecting whatever they do.


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