Love in India is a complicated affair – and if anyone can understand it, it’s Indian writers! Check out 5 romance stories by Indian authors that’ll have you feeling butterflies in your stomach – 

Blind Love by Swapna Sundaram

Blind Love is about unexplainable yearnings of the heart. Despite her picture perfect marriage, Smruti’s quest for excitement, passion and the unknown, lead her to the unthinkable. Call it mid life crisis or unfulfilled desires, Blind Love is what ultimately tilts the scale in favor of going for what the heart wants, specially if its taboo!

A Wedding With No Hashtag by Ash Gopalani

The more people use a particular hashtag, the greater its visibility. Maybe that is why most marriages have their own hashtags. Our wedding did not have parents from my side, relatives, photoshoots, music videos and no hashtags. This story is about such a wedding, where the bride and groom are proud of how little they spent.

Opposites Attract

Anjali and Rajbir are reporters in a regional newspaper. When the editor assigns the two of them to cover the local elections, sparks begin to fly. When a bid to outdo the other and impress the boss falls flat, one of them ends up falling in love with the other. Will the affection be reciprocated?

Flames and Scars by Kulsum

She wished for a dream, but she was given a nightmare. She gave him all, he locked it away. He gave her scars, she masked them with ashes. Petal by petal, he plucked her down, not realising that her sharpest thorn was hidden behind the last petal. Drawn into a twisted web of lies and facades, Aria stands alone. This is her story. This is the reality behind a fairy tale.

Mr Eashwar’s Daughter by Debeshi Gooptu

Eight years ago, family pride and an obstinate father had forced Anamika Eashwar to let go of the love of her life. Now he’s back again, a decorated captain of the Indian Navy. Will life offer her a second chance?

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