Karunanidhi, or ‘Kaliagnar’ as was hailed by his followers, was one of India’s most powerful Chief Ministers. Read on to know why he was one of the greatest statesmen India has ever seen – 

  1. The DMK chief was just 14 when he entered politics and was the leader of the DMK for over 40 years. He was five times chief minister of Tamil Nadu and never lost a single election.
  2. He was an active participant in the Dravidian movement until his death. Under his guidance, the movement opposed the imposition of Hindi as the national language, did away with rituals performed by Brahmin priests in temples, and pioneered  special measures for social justice for backward castes and Dalits, long before the rest of India did so.
  3. He pushed successfully for greater autonomy for states. His superb administrative skills helped his state become one of the most progressive and prosperous in the country.
  4. He played kingmaker several times in the formation of central governments and other regional leaders would constantly turn to him for advice.
  5. He was not only a politician and social reformer, but also a family man and a leading Tamil cultural and literary figure who wrote novels, plays, historical fiction, commentaries on the epics, and blockbuster film and TV scripts


If there is one book you read on him, it is this. Acclaimed journalist Vaasanthi’s intimate biography of Karunanidhi is a full-blooded portrait of India’s most powerful regional leader. – Read now 


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