Anxiety has become the most common mental health issue of the 21st century. A 2020 survey showed that over 62% of the respondents felt anxiety regularly. Here are questions that every anxious person asks themselves regularly – 

  1. Where is my life going?

This is not restricted just to 20 somethings, even though they’re often the ones who wonder this the most – but someone who is naturally anxious tends to question himself/ herself and their purpose in life quite often. 

2. What is the point if I can’t even do this one little thing?

Staking too much on too little is another feature of anxiety. Thinking that if you fail at one task, you’re never going to accomplish anything more is often something that occurs to anxious people. 

3. Do you think he / she knows I have NO IDEA what I’m doing?

Doubting oneself and one’s abilities and questioning how they have achieved whatever they have, or Imposter’s Syndrome is yet another common thought when one is anxious. Feeling like a fraud despite very hard work and fruitful results is especially common amongst youngsters today. 

4. Are you mad at me?

People who suffer from anxiety also suffer socially. Overthinking can cause them to assume things are one way when they are another. One version of this is speculating that someone is upset with you when they don’t show any sign of it. 

5. My future is never going to be what I want – why even try?

Many successful coaches recommend visualisation to achieve one’s dreams – but what happens when you can only visualise a negative future? It is not that anxious people don’t dream of an amazing future – it is that it always seems far away no matter how hard they work at it. Often, they visualise the hardships and assume everything will go wrong, instead of thinking of all the ways it will go well. 

The lockdown has exacerbated our anxieties, especially around our future. If you have been having anxious thoughts, learn how to curb them and turn them into positives in ‘4 Ways to Stop Anxious Thoughts’ for free as part of our #QuestionoftheDay campaign!



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