If you’ve been in a relationship for more than a few years, you probably wouldn’t describe your love life as spicy or even mildly spicy. Even if you started out as hot as Tabasco, you’ve probably ended up in the black pepper range now. But believe me, couples can and do add spice, heat and thrill to their relationships. If you’re ready to do the same, here is the 1 underlying rule and56 naughty ideas on how to spice things up:

The one underlying rule: do the unexpected

There’s nothing that’s going to make your guy more thrilled than an unexpected – and very sexy – surprise. Ask yourself the question – “What would his fantasy girl do?” And once you know the answer to that question, you can ensure that you are the only girl he fantasizes about.

Invest in Lingerie

Sometimes a lacy bra and a sexy satin thong is what you need. If you can’t remember the last time you surprised your guy with a nice new set of sexy lingerie, you’re definitely skipping one of the easiest and most effective ways to be his fantasy. It makes you feel and look young, making your partner crave for you. Choosing a provocative piece of lingerie increases your sex appeal, turning on the heat every time you wear it.

Change the three Ps of love making: Position, Place & Points of Time

The missionary position, on the bedroom bed, in the morning or night – that’s what puts you into a routine. Break out of the routine! Get out of the bedroom. Last night, when my guy came into the bedroom for some action, I just walked out. He kept calling me and started following me, and I pretended not to hear him until I reached the couch and opened up my hot pants! There were positions we had not explored before and we went to sleep with a smile (and roaring orgasms). Next in my list: the shower, the study table, and maybe our car?

It’s surprising how unusual places can spice up your sex life. It really works. Don’t be shy. You and your guy both need this.

Naked Saturdays

Cancel all your double dates, put your phone on silent, get some erotic thriller movies and novels, stack up the refrigerator and spend the whole Saturday at home with your guy –naked. This is the best way to crank up the sensuality. 

Place comfortable bedding on the floor of your living room in front of the television. Add blankets, pillows, popcorn, and a bottle of wine, and maybe Jagermeister shots. You can snuggle together, skin-to-skin, through a couple of your favourite movies. Me and my guy do this once every month and it pretty much guarantees that we end up high and happy. But hey, don’t forget to pull the curtains!

Get dressed up

Remember when you got married, you always dressed up, whether you were at home or going out? But now you’ve seen him in front of the television drinking beer while he watches cricket in his boxers. He’s seen you in your worn-out t-shirt, with your hair tied up in a bun. You two have seen everything there is to see about each other, and all too often!

We dress up for work and we even dress up for an evening among strangers at a pub. So why can’t we dress up for each other?

Try leaving the loose t-shirt and track pants for the gym and put in some effort into your appearance. Try some hot pants and body hugging tops at home. The payoff will be huge as you will feel sexier and he will feel more interested in coming close to you.

I am going shopping… what about you?

Spontaneous Quickies

Who doesn’t like a spontaneous quickie?

Maybe your partner has just stepped out of the bath. Surprise him and have a quickie on the doorway. Or maybe just before going to the office, pounce on him and have a quickie before you head out the door.  Last week when he returned home from the office, I was standing there in nothing but my high heels. You can imagine what happened next.

Don’t underestimate a sexy quickie; it goes a long way, just like a tequila shot!

If the tea in your cup is hotter than your sex life, it’s time to change that. We’ve all been there. So start tonight to spice up your relationship!


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