5 Mental Health Blogs to Follow

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Good mental health is more than just the absence of mental illness. A lot of mental health stuff can be patronising, and most of us wish that some good advice was available when we were younger. It could happen to anyone, and we should deal with it empathetically. But if we don’t know enough how do we empathise? This is where online information comes in.

Check out this compilation of 5 amazing blogs that you can read to get a reliable outlook on your situation.

1. We’re All Mad Here

Claire Eastham has been writing her blog, for five years in an attempt to help people realize that social anxiety is more common than many believe. Her blog is a well-written personal account of life with social anxiety and panic attacks, doing so with liberal doses of humor and wit.

2. Put That Cheese Burger Down

With a name that catchy, it is rare that you would pass on this blog. Neha Ghosh’s blog is largely about health but covers a lot of ground in this space. Hop on to her blog, and connect with yourself better. Worth a read, especially given the blog has such a fresh vibe you want to put your chores down, and read every word here.

3. Healing Hideaway

Imagine taking off into the minds, to clear your baggage and take a break from the chaos of the urban world. Bindiya Murgai runs such an innovative endeavour with Healing Hideaway to give an opportunity to people seeking some sort of therapy. She designs these retreat programs usually at hill stations where nature plays a part in therapy. It’s a one-of-a kind concept and worth a try.

4. I Haven’t Shaved in 6 Weeks 

In 2014, then-24-year-old Lindsey Hall began a six-week spell in rehab. Since then, she has continued to write about her ongoing recovery with a similar lack of sugar-coating. Whether writing about relationships, alcohol, exercise, or any other subject that arises, Lindsey addresses it with a writing style that is both blunt and engaging.

5. The Bioscoped Life

Arpita Nayak’s blog is really hilarious, engaging and interesting, and it is a challenge to stop yourself from reading all of it in one go. Arpita’s content is personal and mostly comes from her own experience. She shares a lot of her own tryst with self-esteem, bullying, depression. She mixes it up interestingly with graphic art and that is always the icing on the cake.

Bonus recommendation!

We also found the most amazing free e-magazine – Happiful. From professional opinions and advice to mental health life hacks, this magazine has it all. Also, its aesthetically pleasing design just makes you feel better instantly!

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