Love the spooky and scary? Halloween is the perfect time to indulge yourself. If you can’t go trick-or-treating, why miss out? We’ve got the perfect reads to add spice to your night!

Sit back, turn the page and let spookiness take over.

  1. The Woman in the Car by Mayur Didolkar

The Woman in the Car

While parking her car in the basement, a woman comes across an old Santro. She sees a woman sitting in it. And every day she feels that the woman is calling her. But no one else seems to know the woman…read more.

  1. Rukmini’s Curse by Bidisha

Rukmini's Curse

Everyone thinks Rukmini has been possessed. She is isolated from the family. One day, she bites a little girl. After the incident the girl’s family stops visiting Rukmini. But when Rukmini dies, the little girl starts behaving strangely…read more.

  1. House №35 by Jyoti Kumari

House No. 35

A young man moves into a new house in Delhi. The terrace house and an old landlady seem like an ideal combination. He gets a weird vibe when he sees there are no other occupants and there are no lights in the staircase. Is there something behind the closed doors?…read more.

  1. Bestseller by Tapo J. Mandal


A mad woman in the neighbourhood warns people about the things that will go wrong. And then they all come true. How does she know what the future holds?…read more.

  1. Dark Room by Amal Singh

Dark Room

Three innocent children on a vacation. An age old mansion. A game inside a dark room. Many things could go wrong…read more.

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