Break ups come in all shapes, sizes, and intensities. However, nothing hurts more than the public humiliation. At least cruel texts and phone calls are private, but when your heart is crushed in front of strangers, the recovery can be brutal. Here are a few urban legends in the arena of public break ups.


1. #Dumped

Chris Brown got dumped on Twitter, even though, honestly, he had it coming (having a baby with another woman is reason enough). But, how about when you don’t like your boyfriend’s tweets and he publicly posts a #DumpedBitchForNotLikingMyTweets. The girlfriend thought it was a joke until the hashtag went viral.

2. Forget about it

At a wedding sangeet, after a few rounds drinks, her best friend’s boyfriend proposed to her in front of the entire party. Although the best friend was not around, they firmly believed in the adage chicks before dicks, and so, she pointed out that he was already in a relationship. To this, he replied, “Oh, I forgot to break up with her. Since you are her best friend, can you tell her I don’t want her anymore and am with you now?”


3. Match made in hell

The only thing they had in common was their love for cricket. He tried breaking up with her a few times, but she always managed to emotionally blackmail herself back into his life. So, he booked a single ticket for the upcoming one day match. Then, he made a very colourful placard announcing that he was done with her, and flashed it when someone on the field got out until the cameras showed it to the entire country.

4. It’s official

His long-time girlfriend went to his office on his birthday with a cake and balloons to surprise him, only to find out from about a hundred of his colleagues that he was in a rather serious relationship with the owner’s daughter. He was out for lunch with her to plan their engagement.



5. It’s personal

What do you reckon is worse than having been broken up with through a personal ad in the newspaper? Maybe the fact that full names were mentioned in the ad placed right next to the obituaries.
As awful as these may be, aren’t you glad these awful break up stories aren’t yours?
Amritha Dinesh is a freelance writer based out of Chennai. She has dabbled in everything from entrepreneurship to copywriting, equity research to industrial marketing. She loves writing across different genres and this is her first foray into Romance. Read her book ‘Love at Second Glance’ now

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