Now that you’ve downloaded the app, what should you read? Our editors decided to put on their thinking hats and recommend their 20 best reads — they’ve come up with a selection that will thrill you as well as bring out the romantic in you. There’re a bunch of kids’ books too — don’t forget to check out the Angry Birds range [PSA: although meant for kids, our editors have been hooked to them!]:



Indian Superfoods by Rujuta Diwekar: The one book you must read this summer with its selection of local foods that will keep you fit and going, from India’s top nutritionist.

How to Heal Your Broken Heart by Shyam K. Bhat: Deepika Padukone’s psychiatrist writes a heartfelt book on how to not let a breakup affect you. An extraordinary book that will make you think about love and what accompanies it — joy as well as sadness.

We Indians by Khushwant Singh: A Khushwant Singh classic, this is a book all Indians must read! Written in his irreverent and witty tone, We Indians is full of sharp observations of what goes into making the Indian individual.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag by Jim Corbett: The eternal classic is available for free on the app! Corbett’s story has to be one of the most thrilling adventure stories ever: could you imagine sitting in a mango tree for ten nights in a row, waiting for a man-eating leopard to show up?

The South African Gandhi by Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed: Mahatma Gandhi lived in Africa for nearly two decades before coming to India — but this is not a period many are familiar with. Desai and Vahed are two historians who reconstruct Gandhi’s actions in South Africa, and how they did not add up to his proclamations about equality and the British empire.

The Boatman by John Burbidge: A soft, sensual tale about a foreigner coming to India in the 1980s and finding out he is attracted to men. This memoir of same-sex love is wonderfully told, and one of our favourites on this list.

On Immunity by Eula Biss: Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates both loved this book, and we couldn’t disagree. One of the smartest reads on the app, this essay will surely make you think about parenting and the fears a new mother lives with.


The Beheading by Abheek Barua: A serial killer is haunting Kolkata — and the hunt is on! With one of the most memorable female protagonists in recent times, this has to be our most thrilling read yet!

The Garden of Iblis by Praveen Swami: A gritty thriller set in Kashmir, this novella by a top political journalist takes a hard, real look at what goes on behind the headlines. It features an unforgettable hero in Farooq Reshi, who sets out to find a missing inspector — but that’s just the beginning…

The Invisible Woman by Saurbh Katyal: Pure Mumbai pulp-fiction, featuring damsels in distress, a hero full of swagger, and a city that never sleeps! Read this to bring back the days of James Hadley Chase!

Mafia Queens of Mumbai: Femme Fatale by S. Hussain Zaidi & Jane Borges: This epic story from Mafia Queens of Mumbai will leave you wanting more! Starring a girl who wants to take revenge on none other than Dawood Ibrahim himself, this is a true real-life crime thriller!

Philomel Cottage by Agatha Christie: Available for free, an exclusive story from the queen of crime, with all the hallmarks of her craft: a beautiful English cottage, a young heroine, a twist in the tale…


Nowhere Girl by Umera Ahmed: The queen of TV romances, Umera Ahmed brings you a story of love lost and found. When first published in Pakistan, Nowhere Girl sold over 1 lakh copies, and its TV adaptation, Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan was a monstrous hit. Don’t miss this, we say.

Finding Juliet by Toffee: Boys will always be boys — or so Arjun thinks. This love story will keep you turning the pages — who doesn’t want to find the true love of their lives?

Historical/Mythological Fiction

Bhima by Vikas Sharma: A magnificent retelling of the epic from the perspective of Bhima, the second Pandava. You’ll never look at the Mahabharata in the same way again, we promise!

The Peshwa by Ram Sivasankaran: Before Bajirao Mastani the movie, before the romance, was Bajirao Peshwa, the young general thrust on to an empire coveted by enemies within and outside the kingdom. A magnificent reconstruction of a tumultuous period of Indian history, this is a must-read for all historical fiction fans!


I’m not a Bimbette by Tarana Khan: If you’ve been in a boarding school, this is the story for you. Set in an all-girls’ school, this will remind you of the days gone by, the crushes you had, the classes you bunked…

Angry Birds: A Pig from the Stars: Worried your kid is playing too many games on the phone? No problem — get this book today! The Angry Birds books are perfect to be read aloud to your children, and we promise they won’t want to play another game ever!

Angry Birds Comics: We were in splits while reading the Angry Birds comics — and trust us, you will be too! Get them all to know what the Angry Birds do in their free time, apart from going berserk on the pigs.

Moin and the Monster by Anushka Ravishankar: The Indian Dr Seuss! This is a heartwarming story about a boy and his monster that you will want to read over and over. The beautiful illustrations stay with you long after the book is over.

The Wordkeepers by Jash Sen: Forget The Hunger Games! This is the real deal — two kids, each discovering they are meant for greater things, are on a quest to save the world. Replete with parallels from Indian mythology, this is a tale Amish Tripathi called ‘riveting and unforgettable’. We agree!

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