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Erotica writer Khushbu on the most ideal partner, and the most outrageous things she's done for sex

In this week's #HowWritersWrite, art gallery owner and author V. Sanjay Kumar tells us about the one piece of art he would kill to have

Take this quiz to find out which weapon will be assigned to you in the Indian military

This week the Editors’ pick from the writer’s platform was A Pregnant Pause by Paroma. The author looks forward to writing in her leisure time because it combines her passion for reading and travelling and allows her to imagine different people in familiar settings. Juggernaut did a special interview with the...

Signing up for the Special Forces is voluntary, but the drop-out rate is 70 per cent. Shiv Aroor on the men who form this fearsome force

Haven't you had a peek, or quickly flipped the pages to the colour plates section, to see what the fuss over the Kama Sutra is all about?

Moby Dick, Little Women, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice – have you read them all?  Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz! Nerd or not, we’ll know soon.

Let’s face it, there is something about the men in uniform that make female hearts beat faster. They are hot. Period. A man in olive greens is a very different cup of tea from other young men, and it is not just his uniform. It lies in the way he is programmed. Behind the soldierly erect bearing lies a heart that is...

The man who gave us Sherlock Holmes would have turned 159 today. And we're celebrating with 5 of the best Holmes stories!

With globalization at its peak, English has quickly become a global language. We have already forgotten our क, ख, ग(s), remembering just the abc(s). Remembering Hindi grammar classes always tends to nostalgia but never to knowledge anymore. So, here is a shoutout to our mother-tongue: where the words are so...