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एप लॉंच के पहले महीने में पूरे एकमाह बेहतरीन लेखकों की 200 सेअधिक किताबें आप मुफ्त में पढ़ सकतेहैं।

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In this guest post, find out what every aspiring or debut writer must do to make their book a success

Our Writer's Platform is the place to showcase your talent and find the readers you've always been looking for. The platform is easy-to-use, allows for a lot of engagement and makes the entire process of creating and publishing a book truly social.

Rustom was based on the Nanavati case. But it got more things wrong than right.

Celebrating Sachin Tendulkar's 44th birthday with his defiant century that came 2 weeks after the terrible 26/11 Mumbai attacks

Shuma Raha, who won the contest, says her story is about upper middle class Indians and their hypocrisies.

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