Why Juggernaut — 4 authors tell us

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Why do you think your book is better read on the phone?

Tarana Khan, author of I’m Not A Bimbette
A YA book is an ideal read for those interstices between rushing around physically and mentally, getting somewhere or nowhere. A little zone-out with a delicious bit of fun. A planned in-the-bed physical book read is not always possible and sometimes we don’t want a deep concentrated read.

Sayantan Ghosh, author of Who needs Cupid? The Truly Madly Guide to Dating
This book is more of a friend than a guide. And like friends come to our rescue when we most need them, hopefully this book will be handy to those when they’re looking for that little push in the middle of a text, an email or even a dinner date.

Toffee, author of Finding Juliet
Reading my book will be like going for a coffee break with a colleague, the only difference is that you’ll spend the time with the characters of my book.

Vandana Shankar, author of Don’t Fall in Love
I hope that readers will fall in love with my book enough and will want to carry it around, unable to put it down till they have finished and then return to it as often as they want.


What excites you most about being published on the Juggernaut app?

I have always wished to interact with the author while reading a book. But now that I am on the other side, I am looking forward to interacting with readers on the Juggernaut app.

Juggernaut is bound to make the reading experience more personal, making everything available on screens we’re anyway staring at all day. But I’m also looking forward to exciting new content, stories which perhaps made less commercial sense in the traditional format but needed to be told nevertheless.

Reviews and suggestions from readers to experience writing as a social, interactive and friendly activity. I hope the Juggernaut app overturns the common image of the author as the solitary soul in their ivory towers.

Connecting with thousands of young people on the Juggernaut app with my stories, the sheer reach and ‘now-ness’ of it all is awesome.


How do you read usually?

Physical books are important because in some way they’re also a record of our times. But reading on the phone or the computer is inescapable today, especially if you want to keep up with what’s going on around the world.

I first search for the book on the Kindle and download it. It is thrilling to have the book in your hand within seconds — instant nirvana.

I mostly read on the phone and the Kindle. The books are easier to carry and access especially since we move around often.

I love reading on my phone and my laptop, simply because I can read books wherever and whenever I want. I also believe in ‘less luggage, more comfort’ while travelling, and prefer carrying ebooks to physical copies.


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