100 days of Juggernaut: a report card

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The last time I wrote about data, it was very early days, and the focus was on trends within the app. A 100 days on, like new governments, it’s time Juggernaut presents a report card as well:

Do our users like us? 7/10

This is the part we feel proudest of. We took our customer feedback head on and have done a stellar job of having the app perform better across devices.


Do our users use us? 6/10

Our current customer acquisition key-events funnel looks like this: Downloads — Registration — Book detail — Add to cart — Read a book.

In plain text I would call this the ‘reading index’.

App-launch to user registration: 63%

A user must register to get into any part of the reading mode. Adding a book to shelf to begin reading it, saving it offline, posting a review, rating it, asking an author question and gifting are all behind the registration wall. This is, if you will, the first step in the intent to read, beyond the intent to discover — browse, search, book detail, preview — which is in front of the wall.

User Registration–Add to cart: 24%

As explained above, users have to add a book to shelf which can be done via adding to cart. Close to quarter of the users who register have found a book attractive enough to add to cart. This, again, is not a number that is disappointing.

Add to Cart–Read a book: 17%

This is a number that is clearly lower than expected. An ideal percentage would be double the rate, i.e. 35%, which would mean users have not only bought the book but also have found the occasion and reason to return to complete it.

The first two funnels are still to be improved upon, but for the large part cause us fewer sleepless nights than the last part. Those who I’ve spoken to in the retail space tell me the reverse–folks have bought our books, so why do we care if they read them or not? We own a thousand books on our shelves, how many of us actually read all of them? A friend in fashion retail explained: “Do you think I should care how many times a user wears the dress she’s bought from me?”

While some of this rationalisation is valid, I think it is imperative that a Juggernaut consumer reads a book for them to believe in the brand and evangelise it. And that is when we reach a stage where we are a product folks cannot do without.


Do we have books that matter to users? 7/10

Books have been added to cart a total of 55k times, and over 47% of users have added a book to their cart more than once. We have broken a few rules and our early results show that they’ve worked.

  1. Writing to Length: This has been a clear success. Both short stories and shorter non-fiction have done the best among our books.
  2. Commissioning to occasion: Every time we’ve responded to external events and stayed relevant to our context — the state elections (Amma and Didi), the Perumal Murugan and Mahasweta Devi stories — our results have been great.
  3. Bundles and deals: They work every time. We are a country that loves deals.
  4. Love, Sex and Romance: We consider this category a utility. More than 50% readers have entered and returned to the app for this category.

As a final note, we will have our first sale between 9-11 August, when we will have over 1,000 books for the first time. Don’t miss it.

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