Letters from Kargil by Diksha Dwivedi

In May 1999, India was invaded by Pakistan in Kargil, Ladakh, in a surprise attack. Diksha Dwivedi’s father was one of the martyrs of that war. In this extremely moving book, she tells the story of the Kargil war through the letters and diaries of her father and other soldiers who fought there.

The Army Officer’s Wife by Sajita Nair

A woman waits longingly for her husband, Major Arihant Joshi, who is in the Indian Army, to tell him that she is pregnant. She thinks of various ways in which she will break the news to her husband. Meanwhile, there is a terrorist attack, and Major Joshi is injured. Would he survive to hear the news?

Operation Jinnah by Shiv Aroor

A girl is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorists in Pahalgam, Kashmir. But this is no ordinary girl. And her kidnapper is no ordinary man. [Read: Indian Special Forces: The Unknown Guardians of Our Nation]

Operation Khukri by Sushant Singh

When over 200 Indian soldiers on a UN peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone were taken hostage by trigger-happy rebels, instead of helping, the international community looked the other way. The Indians had to take matters into their own hands to rescue their boys. And so Operation Khukri was launched

Operation Cactus by Sushant Singh

An attempted coup d’etat in the Maldives, a desperate SOS from its President and PM Rajiv Gandhi’s swift decision to come to his aid: OPERATION CACTUS features a flamboyant brigadier, a bemused ambassador, daredevil paratroopers, ace pilots and naval officers, who come together to do the impossible.

Operation Pawan by Sushant Singh

In October 1987, India was thrown into a conflict with LTTE for which it was materially unprepared. In a tragic miscalculation, Indian Peacekeeping Force (IPKF) soldiers were heli-dropped into the LTTE lair at Jaffna, where they suffered huge casualties and against all odds fought their way out

The Officer’s Proposal by Sajita Nair

When Sub Lieutenant Likhith Prakash sees Tia, a beautiful model, at the Navy Ball. He is compelled to ask her for a dance. They soon hit it off, and Likhith whisks her away to the most beautiful place in Mumbai. Will the starry night bring a promise of love, or result in a failed romance?

The Naval Officer’s Wife by Sajita Nair

Shalini, married to Lieutenant Vipul Sinha, is going through a hard time. She’s struggling to keep up with naval jargon and etiquette while also memorizing her husband’s uniforms and medals. She wants to be a good wife but something always goes wrong. Will Shalini ever manage to impress her husband?

In Hot Blood by Bachi Karkaria

Commander Nanavati, accused of murdering his wife’s lover, was no ordinary man. So when he was put on trial, every rule was broken for him. From Nehru to JRD Tata, the who’s who came to Nanavati’s aid, and the best legal minds defended him. The reverberations of this sensational case are still felt.

I Fell in Love with a Soldier by Tanushree Podder

Kathyayani, a Tam-Brahm, has always lived by her Appa’s rules, but yearns for freedom and adventure. She falls for Captain Dee, a Bengali, and both marry against their families’ wishes. Will they overcome their differences and settle into the army life, or regret the hasty decision in the end?


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